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Conservation Bag Winners

Winneshiek County Conservation District and the Natural Resource Conservation Service held their decorating bag contest again this year. The theme was Dig Deeper, Mysteries in the Soil.

The winners for 5th grade were...
Jackson Rollins
Maria Hendrickson
Ashley Nierling

The winners for the 4th grade were....
David Kreitzer
Braden Peterson
Austin Snell

Fourth Grade teacher Matt Amundson won the teacher category this year, which was offered for the first time. Winners will attend the Conservation Breakfast on April 30th.


MAP Testing

No, it is not a test about using maps. It is Measures of Academic Progress Testing. This series of reading, math, and language usage tests are administered twice a year at North Winneshiek. The Spring tests will begin on Tuesday, April 22. Students are reminded to get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast including protein before the testing to be sure that their brains will be prepared to do their best thinking.

Each student takes the test on a laptop computer. The computer is connected to a database of testing questions. If the student answers a certain number of questions correctly, she is given harder, higher level questions. If she gets a few answers wrong, she is given lower level questions. The tests are not timed, so students can take as long as they need. Only one test is administered each day, so the testing period is spread out over two weeks. Students who are absent when tests are administered will work with a proctor to do the makeup test when proctors are available.

These tests help teachers know what students are ready to learn. The results can be used to assign students to appropriate reading groups, math classes and books to read. It also helps teachers know if the curriculum is effective. We are looking for growth since last fall's testing.

Here is the testing schedule. IF you need to take your student out of school during the testing, it would be best to avoid these testing periods. Schedule updated on April 21.

Power of Art Award

Susan Heier will be attending the Northeast Iowa RC&D Employee Giving Fund Awards Reception on Friday May 16th, 2014 in Postville. At that reception, she will be receiving a check for a $100 Power of Art Award to be used for an outdoor art project. Mrs. Heier and Mrs. Sojka will be assisting a select group of students in building willow sculptures with the goal of building a full-sized willow sculpture on the North Winneshiek grounds. Keep watching for it!

Ice Cream

Box Tops are ready to be collected again!  Collection forms for submitting Box Tops are in the Friday Folders. Have your friends, family, and others help you clip Box Tops from now through May 21st.  The classroom in the lower, upper, and middle school (3 classrooms) that submits the most Box Tops by May 21st will celebrate with an ice cream party!  Please be sure to trim the box tops and ONLY attach single Box Tops to each sheet.  Paperclip bonus Box Tops to the paper.  Bonus Box Tops will be counted but cannot be taped or glued onto the paper.  If you have questions or want to help contact Melissa Wicklund at 


Good-bye, Winter! Snow Make-up Days

Students on the Monkey BarsThis year’s winter weather has proven to be unpredictable to say the least. North Winneshiek has had to adjust its schedule several times in order to get students to and from school safely. We want to thank district patrons for being patient and flexible.





We will be using Easter Monday, April 21, as a make-up day. Our final day of school will be Monday, June 2, with 11:15 a.m. dismissal. Day #1: Monday, April 21. Day #2: Tuesday, May 27. Day #3: Wednesday, May 28. Day #4: Thursday, May 29. Day #5: Friday, May 30. Day #6: Monday, June 2.










2014-15 Calendar Adopted

The North Winneshiek School Board has adopted the calendar for next school year. School will begin on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 and will end on Friday, May 22, 2015. Instructional time will be counted by days and not hours. The total number of days will be 180.

The major difference in next year’s calendar will be with teacher inservice time. We will have 1 hour late starts every Wednesday instead of having early outs for inservices. This again mirrors Decorah’s Calendar. The only 2:15 P.M. dismissals will be before Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. All other days will be 3:15 P.M. dismissals. 2014-15 Calendar

NW Tippy Toes Dancers Perform

Members of the Tippy Toes Dance Team, including Lani Hubka and Miaja Quandahl in North Winneshiek's 3rd grade, performed in Minneapolis at a Harlem Globetrotters' game at the Target Center in Minneapolis on April 12, 2014. A good time was had by All.
Click on photos to see larger.

North Winn Shines at OCT Performance

The audience was left in stitches after watching stories written by North Winn students performed by the Old Creamery Theater on Thursday, April 10. Steven Sexton's story "The New Duck" and Emily Carolan's story "Lunch Ladies" were put to music and acted out by the troupe's "Count Me In" traveling show for young audiences.

The show is based on winning stories in the Old Creamery Theater writing contest. Steven won the grand prize, a $100 gift card, and Emily won third prize, a $25 gift card. Two other North Winn students also wrote winning stories, Maria Hendrickson, first place and $75 for her story "The Three Billy Goats Sampson" and Tyler Bullerman, third prize and $25 for his story "The 'Pig-tastic Adventures of Porkchop and Bacon." Congratulations to our North Winn fantastic writers! See more photos...

Music in the Air

KIndergarteners through Fifth Graders, directed by Alex Gisleson, shared the musical joy of spring with families and friends at a concert on April 8. The public is invited to attend the Middle School Spring Concert on Tuesday, April 15 at 7pm. Photos...









Fund-raising for GavinGavin Puffer

THANK YOU!! Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered their time or talents and bought items at the Gavin Puffer benefit! It was a huge success and because of our caring community here in Northeast Iowa, Gavin's family has some help to deal with the high cost of travel, lodging and other expenses. Your support of the family is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU from the Gavin Puffer benefit team!

Gavin Puffer is a sixth grader at North Winneshiek. The son of Wayne and Lynn Hageman (Decorah) and Joe Puffer (Cresco), Gavin has Langerhans Cell Hisitocytosis or LCH. LCH is a rare blood diease and is caused by an excess of white cells. LCH is not cancer; however, the disease is treated with chemo and steroids. Gavin and his family travel to the American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin every third week for chemo. He will be undergoing treatments for the next year.

There was a benefit for Gavin on Sunday April 6th! If you would like to donate before that time, go to this site... Or donations can be sent to Melissa Wicklund or Viking State Bank. If you have questions, contact Melissa at (563)382-1226.

Sixth Graders created this artwork, which was framed by Roma Michels. The work, along with other fabulous donations was part of the auction to be held last Sunday at North Winn.

Sixth Graders with Gavin's LCH Knockout Crew shirts and Gavin












Tree Volunteer Award

Nancy Sojka receives awardNorth Winn retired teacher Nancy Sojka was presented with the Iowa Urban Tree Volunteer Award by the Iowa DNR and the Iowa Urban Tree Council at a luncheon on Thursday, April 3, 2014. She is shown here with the plaque she received along with members of the Tree Council and State Forester.

The award was given in honor of the tree planting and grant writing that Nancy has done over the years. She applied for, received, and implemented two grants for tree planting at North Winneshiek: playground trees in 2008 and an arboretum in 2013. She serves on the Decorah Tree Board, where she also writes grants and plants trees for the city of Decorah.


Cael WangsnessJump Rope for Heart

We have concluded our Jump Rope for Heart project.  The students raised $2276.88 this year.  WOW!  

Shown here is Cael Wangsness who was our top money raiser for Jump Rope for Heart.  


Third Quarter Newsletter is now available for download...






Let’s Have a Ball Reading

The North Winn Elementary students made a “book” goal. These students read 31,682 minutes in the month of March! We are proud of their accomplishments! Their reward for making the goal, students will be participating in a fun game day to celebrate READING here at North Winn. Thanks to the Elementary Student Council for organizing this amazing event!



Something Ridiculous jugglerPlanning Ahead...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
 Donuts with Dads, 7:40am

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 Muffins with Moms, 7:40am

Monday, May 12, 2014 Something Ridiculous Juggling Assemby, 1:30pm, shown at left. Read more...








Butter Braid Fundraiser ButterBraid images

Butter Braid pastries are an Iowa- made product. If you want to hear about the history of this product, which started in someone’s basement 20 years ago, go to

Delivery of Butter Braid orders will be on April 16. This fundraiser helps our provide field trips, Missoula Children’s Theatre, Luther plays, and guest speakers. All North Winn students benefit!


2014-15 Pre-School

North Winneshiek is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 pre-school program. Children have to be 4 years of age by Sept. 15 to enroll. Call 563-735-5411 or email for an application form or if you have questions.



Students planning to enroll in Driver Education this summer need to be aware of the following information:

1. Summer Driver Education will be July 7-18, 2014.

2. Students must obtain a valid Learner's Permit before registering for Driver's Education.

3. Students must be at least 14 years old before the first day of class. Registrations will be accepted according to age with older students and in-district students given first preference.

4. The State of Iowa requires that each student attends and successfully passes 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of driving. No absences will be allowed. Class will meet from 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Monday, July 7, Tuesday, July 8 and Monday, July 14 thru Friday, July 18. Driving time will be scheduled with the instructor.

5. Students may register until Friday, May 9, 2014. Maximum class size will be 30 students.

6. Driver’s Education fees: $230.00 for North Winneshiek district students; $390.00 for out of district students.

7. Payment of one half of the fee and a copy of Learner’s Permit is due with registration. The balance is due on or before the first day of class (July 7, 2014).

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please call Wendy at 735-5411.

Printable Registration Form | Type and Print Registration Form


The Reading Games

Students in grades 3 through 6 finished off their four months of delving into books with The Reading Games festivities. North Winn students did a fine job of answering questions along with students from Decorah and St. Benedict's schools. Everyone then celebrated their accomplishments with a pizza party. Thanks to students, parents, and coaches for making this a successful program! See more photos of the Reading Games fun...





Tri-State Honor Band

Hailey Nierling, Hannah Snell, Deanna Phillips, and Wesly Smith participated in the 2014 Tri-State Honor Band.  The concert was Saturday March 1st at Decorah High school.

The festival included two bands, one consisting of 7th grade students and the other consisting 8th grade students. Over 100 schools different schools have participated in the festival throughout the years. Schools are represented from all three states which include Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

After several hours of practice during the day, a concert is performed in the evening to a packed house. Guest directors for the ensembles are selected from outstanding middle schools, high schools and colleges from the Tri-State region.


Old Creamery Theatre Winners

North Winn students have won four of the 20 state-wide prizes in the Old Creamery Theatre writing contest! Steven Sexton's The New Duck won the grand prize, Maria Henrdrickson's The Three Billy Goats Sampson won second prize, and Tyler Bullerman's Pig-tastic Adventures of Porkchop and Bacon and Emily Carolan's Lunch Ladies won third prize.

Steven and Emily's stories will be acted out in the troupe's spring traveling show, which we will watch in Decorah on April 10. Our students wrote many outstanding stories, and we are proud that these students will represent our school as the O.C.T. spring tour travels across the the state of Iowa.

Wellness Newsletter

Americorp Worker Megan has produced a Wellness Newsletter for North Winneshiek. Read more...

A Message from Nurse Andrea Homstad

Mrs. Homstad is sharing Words on Wellness, an informative newsletter each month during the school year.

You can access all of the health forms and information about immunizations, medical support, and wellness on the NW Health page.


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