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Registration for

Please register students on these dates:

Aug. 4 from 11am-6 and Aug. 5 from 8am-4pm in the school library.

Makeup day is Monday Aug. 8, 8am - 3pm in the main office.

Registration Newsletter and Forms

NW HS Grads

Congratulations go out to the North Winners who are graduating from Decorah HS and Mabel HS this year.

Four years ago several NW eighth graders took part in a careers unit in their social studies class. Photos were taken of the students in that class, holding signs declaring what their ideal career would be. Take a look at what these 2016 grads were thinking then...


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Fourth Qtr Newsletter

The school year has ended. Read about the last quarter activities...

Read it!

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NW Bleacher Bench

A piece of NW history! Dan Sand, carpenter/builder and husband of former NW teacher Carole Sand, is working on a fun project. He is building Entryway Benches from materials recycled from those NW bleachers. The school has replaced the heavy wooden bleachers with much improved, easier to move bleachers. All of the wood is fir and the design would be appropriate with any decor. And the seat is twice as deep as that skinny little bench you sat on for basketball games, wrestling meets, and Homecoming Coronations!

The Entryway Bench is 26" w 25" h 17 3/4" deep--perfect for an adult. The price will be $300 for this size. If you would like to "try one on," call Dan and arrange a visit to his shop. He is willing to customize: longer, smaller, narrower? This bench is two bleacher widths deep, but could be a single. If you need a certain size to fit in your home, he can accommodate your wishes. He has a limited amount of the bleachers, so order soon!

Call Dan at at 563-379-7827.

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Congrats to 2016 Eighth Grade Grads!

Front Row: Gabe Austin, Ruby Langholz, Paige Aten, Lauryl Laine, Cloey Busch Back Row: Jordan Sabanish, Gavin Puffer, Caden Keck, Ethan Underbakke, Meg Sessions, Cole Kleppe

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Des Moines Trip

One of the major field trips of the spring is for 5th and 6th graders to go to Des Moines. Sixth Graders visited the Science Center and Fifth Graders spent the day at Living History Farms.

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The North Winneshiek Community School District does not discriminate in its education programs or educational activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, socio-economic status, religion, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.
The Affirmative Action Coordinator is Tim Dugger and can be reached at 563-735-5411.