Student Portrait Painting

First Quarter Newsletter

Faculty and staff have published the first quarter North Winn Newsletter.



2015 Winter Concert

Winter Concert:
Dec 6 at 7pm

Seventh Grade Science Mannequin Challenge

Pumpkin & Gourd Decorators

Thanks to pumpkin and gourd decorators for participating in another successful display of their creative spirits!

Outstanding Designers

Front row of boys: Funniest - Lane Koch (2nd Grade)
Best Use of Recycled Materials - Caden Hubka (2nd Grade)
Favorite Animal - Karter Orris (2nd Grade)
Most Realistic - Hunter Quandahl (4th Grade)

Girls Left to Right: Best Design - Katrinda Whalen (5th Grade)
Cutest - Eden Northup (1st Grade) Scariest - Tylar Wenthold (3rd Grade) Largest - Serenity Easler (3rd Grade) Most Creative - Jensen Korsness (5th Grade)
Smallest - Mairi Sessions (6th Grade) Favorite Character - Zoey Rasmusson (P-K, not pictured)

Mustang Honor Roll

First Quarter Middle School Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following students

Aiden Arneson 6th
Amelia Dugger 6th
Maggie Lovstuen 6th
Mairi Sessions 6th
Emily Carolan 7th
Kenidi McCabe 8th
Ashley Nierling 8th

Grace Hoyland 6th
Lani Hubka 6th
Justin Nierling 6th
Miaja Quandahl 6th
Jack Arneson 8th
Jackson Rollins 8th

Robert Michels 6th
Tristin Pash 6th
Nicholas Rollins 6th
Cole Sabanish 6th
Nevaeh Tweten 6th
James Arneson 7th
Paige Lange 7th
Austin Snell 7th
Gavin Stortz 7th
Gwen Tollefsrud 7th
Garrett Lovstuen 8th
Makenzie Schnitzler 8th

farmer to school

Farmer to School

Read more about a North Winn celebration of good food...

The North Winneshiek Community School District does not discriminate in its education programs or educational activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, socio-economic status, religion, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.
The Affirmative Action Coordinator is Tim Dugger and can be reached at 563-735-5411.